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I've always been interested in photography, ...

... starting in my early twenties with a camera that nobody had heard of. It was called a Topcon IC-1 auto, and it was good value for a trainee accountant. According to Wiki, the company was founded in 1932 to manufacture optical instruments for the Japanese army, including cameras. In 1957 they made their first 35mm SLR cameras, even before either Canon and Nikon. Wish I'd known this when I bought it so I could have told those Canon and Nikon snobs .........


Gradually I moved up the ladder and bought a Canon AE1. Hugely popular at the time, competing with Pentax and Nikon. This camera lasted me through the eighties and most of the nineties, and I took a couple of thousand pictures of the kids growing up. In 2011, I converted all my 35mm film negatives to digital images. This was a labour of love, as it took 8 minutes just to scan a strip of 4 films, and goodness knows how long to edit them in Adobe Lightroom. At least the family has a record of nearly twenty years of their lives.


I finally succumbed to digital around 2006, after a trip to California. We were travelling down the scenic Highway 1, which hugs the coastline between San Francisco and Los Angeles. During one shooting session I realised something was wrong when I reached frame number 40 on a roll of 36 frames. The bloody film had snapped, and I lost a load of irreplaceable pictures. I invested in a Canon EOS 350D, a Sigma 18-50mm wide-angle zoom lens and a Sigma telephoto lens.



In 2011 a friend of mine, Chris, was looking to sell some Canon kit, including a 20D body. I decided I wanted something a little more current, so I bought a Canon 40D body off eBay, and bought a couple of lenses from Chris, ...



... including the 100-400 mm beauty shown in the picture to the left. Weighs a ton. However, you can get a good shot of gnat's testicles at 20 paces!



Having had my interest in photography rekindled following my 2013 holiday in the US, I fell victim to marketing and on-line reviews, and upgraded again to a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It meant I had to replace a couple of lenses, so I bought a Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM and a EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM. Beautiful kit. Not sure how better the images will be but I feel the same way as a woman who has bought a pair of Jimmy Choos and a Hermes handbag. Fabulous, darling.

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